coffee table in home decoration

coffee table , can be a nice table to be with your friends and drink coffee




The research and development of the PGMA group is to improve the production of wood and

furniture industry and it has been analyzing .reviewing and testing in the Industry.

This article is based on static and fixed force on the coffee table that this product, itself is made

from Combined wood, glue, nail, etc.



The analysis of this article is based on the force of the gravity and the amount of weight (ten kg) entered On the main screen of the coffee table.

The assumptions of this article is as follows.

The highest pressure, tension and strain of this product is on its main screen.

Research of PGMA coffee table simulation

Loads and Fixtures

    entities: edge(s), 4 face(s   type: Fixed Geometry ,Gravity-1  ,  Pressure 100n/m^2 



Study Results







The result indicate that the highest tension strain and pressure is on the between of the

connection of  the leg and the main screen of the table.

According to outputs, diagrams and checking pressures, recommended that check the

connections Again, and the stand section of the table tightened or nailed with larger cross-


by doing this, you can predict a good life spam for this product for consecutive years.

3D and 360 degree view of coffee table

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